Connecting More with Student earlier.

So classes started yesterday for me. Students already commenting on my Hangout Hours instead of Office Hours. I overheard a conversation saying that’s kinda cool is just want to hang out. One student thought Office Hours were when I was working, and that this time wasn’t for them. Interesting how you change a few words and it invited them to be more sociable.

Why hangout hours instead of office hours? I read this NPR article a few months ago.

In the article by Kate Szumanski, she talks about office hours and that they are scary to students, and this is my attempt at inviting them to my office. 

I also emailed every former and current student before the semester started.

I desire to get them to visit and chat about whatever they want. I want students to get to know me as a human, not just as a professor.

I want to get to know them as well. My 1st assignment is the Getting To Know You Assignment. I have them answer some questions about themselves.

My semester-long quest starts today. And I’ve already had one student stop by and hangout

Just like Kate says in her article the students least likely to come visit me are the ones that need me the most. I’m hoping to see more of them this semester.

I’ve been using slack as another communication platform, but this semester It’s mandatory. This is from my syllabus.